Informatica interview questions

16. What is an enterprise data warehouse ?
An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is a database, or collection of databases, that centralizes a business’s information from multiple sources and applications, and makes it available for analytics and use across the organization. EDWs can be housed in an on-premise server or in the cloud.

17. What is Un-cached lookup ?
An uncached lookup is when the Integration Service does not cache the lookup source. By default, the Integration Service does not use a lookup cache for a Lookup transformation. The Integration Service processes an uncached lookup the same way it processes a cached lookup except that it queries the lookup source instead of building and querying the lookup cache. Uncahed mean executing query directly on the data without craating can use uncached while we have less souce data and large lookup data. Basically, when a lookup is cached, Informatica loads the ports that are used in the lookup condition as well as the ports that are checked off as output ports into memory.

18. What are the Transformations that restrict in partition of the sessions ?
Advanced External Transformation
External Procedure Transformation
Aggregate Transformation
Joiner Transformation
Normalizer Transformation
XML Targets

19. What are the types of metadata that stores in repository ?
The types of metadata includes Source definition, Target definition, Mappings, Mapplet, Transformations.

20. What are passive transformation ?
Passive Transformations are
Expression Transformation
Sequence Generatoe Transformation
LookUP Transformation
Stored Procedure Transformation
XML Source Qualifier Transformation
External procedure Transformation
Input Transformation

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