Cobol interview questions

Question 101 : The maximum number of dimensions that an array can have in COBOL-85 is ………………………………………….?
Answer : SEVEN in COBOL – 85 and THREE in COBOL – 84

Question 102: What is Redefines clause?
Answer : Redefines clause is used to allow the same storage allocation to be referenced by different data names.

Question 103 : How many bytes does a s9(4)comp-3 field occupy?
Answer : 3 Bytes (formula : n/2 + 1))

Question 104 : What is the different between index and subscript?
Answer : Subscript refers to the array of occurrence , where as Index represents an occurrence of a table element. An index can only modified using perform, search & set. Need to have an index for a table in order to use SEARCH and SEARCH All.

57. What will be the result when you do cast(‘abc’ as INT) ?
Hive will return NULL

58. Can the name of a view be same as the name of a hive table ?
No. The name of a view must be unique when compared to all other tables and views present in the same database.
CREATE VIEW [IF NOT EXISTS] view_name [(column_name [COMMENT column_comment], …) ]
[COMMENT table_comment]
hive> CREATE VIEW emp_30000 AS
SELECT * FROM employee
WHERE salary>30000;

59. Can we LOAD data into a view ?
No. A view can not be the target of a INSERT or LOAD statement.

60. What types of costs are associated in creating index on hive tables ?
Indexes occupies space and there is a processing cost in arranging the values of the column on which index is created.

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