Apache Spark interview questions

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43. Is it mandatory to start Hadoop to run spark application?
No not mandatory, but there is no separate storage in Spark, so it use local file system to store the data. You can load data from local system and process it, Hadoop or HDFS is not mandatory to run spark application.

44. What is SparkContext?
When a programmer creates a RDDs, SparkContext connect to the Spark cluster to create a new SparkContext object. SparkContext tell spark how to access the cluster. SparkConf is key factor to create programmer application.

45. What is SparkCore functionalities?
SparkCore is a base engine of apache spark framework. Memory management, fault tolarance, scheduling and monitoring jobs, interacting with store systems are primary functionalities of Spark.

46. How SparkSQL is different from HQL and SQL?
SparkSQL is a special component on the sparkCore engine that support SQL and HiveQueryLanguage without
changing any syntax. It’s possible to join SQL table and HQL table.

47. When did we use Spark Streaming?
Spark Streaming is a real time processing of streaming data API. Spark streaming gather streaming data from different resources like web server log files, social media data, stock market data or Hadoop ecosystems like Flume, and Kafka.

48. How Spark Streaming API works?
Programmer set a specific time in the configuration, with in this time how much data gets into the Spark, that data separates as a batch. The input stream (DStream) goes into spark streaming. Framework breaks up into small chunks called batches, then feeds into the spark engine for processing. Spark Streaming API passes that batches to the core engine. Core engine can generate the final results in the form of streaming batches. The output also in the form of batches. It can allows streaming data and batch data for processing.

49. What is Spark MLlib?
Mahout is a machine learning library for Hadoop, similarly MLlib is a Spark library. MetLib provides different algorithms, that algorithms scale out on the cluster for data processing. Most of the data scientists use this MLlib library.

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