How to check the warranty status of your iPhone

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Understanding the warranty status of your iPhone is crucial for making informed decisions about repairs and support. This article provides a comprehensive guide to help you determine the warranty status of your device quickly and easily.

1: Gather your iPhone’s information

  • Locate your iPhone’s serial number. This can typically be found in the “Settings” app under “General” > “About.”
  • Make a note of your serial number, as you’ll need it to check your warranty status.

2: Use Apple’s warranty status website

  • Visit Apple’s official warranty status website at
  • Enter your iPhone’s serial number in the provided field.
  • Complete the CAPTCHA to prove that you’re not a robot and click on “Continue.”

3: Understand the warranty information

  • Review the details provided by Apple, which will include:
    • Your service and support coverage status
    • The type of warranty (e.g., Apple Limited Warranty, AppleCare+)
    • Expiration dates for eligible support and repair services

4: AppleCare+ or AppleCare services

  • If you purchased AppleCare+ or another extended service, note the additional coverage and its specific end date.
  • Keep in mind that AppleCare+ also provides coverage for accidental damage with a service fee.

5: Repairs and service coverage

  • Check what types of repairs and services are covered. This can include hardware repairs, battery service, and phone support.
  • Understand that limited warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage or damage caused by unauthorized modifications.

6: What if your warranty has expired?

  • Explore out-of-warranty service options.
  • Consider visiting an Apple Authorized Service Provider or making a Genius Bar appointment for further assistance.

7: Keep a record

  • It’s a good practice to keep a digital or printed copy of your warranty status for future reference.
  • Store this information in a safe place along with your purchase receipt and any AppleCare+ documentation.

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