What are the Data Processing Operators in Snowflake ?

Filter : Represents an operation that filters the records. Attributes: Filter condition – the condition used to perform filtering. Join…

What are the features in Snowflake Query History page?

You can access the snowflake query history page from Navigation=>Compute=>Query History. Users can access the Query History page from the…

What are the Query Operators supported by Snowflake

Snowflake supports most of the standard operators defined in SQL:1999. Arithmetic Operators + , – , * , / ,…

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Amazon Elastic Block Store quick reference and cheat sheet

Amazon Elastic Block Store 1. Amazon EBS is Amazon Elastic Block Store. 2. EBS volumes are network attached storage. 3….

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Amazon CloudWatch quick reference and cheat sheet

Amazon CloudWatch 1. Amazon CloudWatch provides you with data and actionable insights to monitor your applications. 2. With¬†Amazon CloudWatch you…

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PySpark how to get rows having nulls for a column or columns without nulls or count of Non null

pyspark.sql.Column.isNotNull isNotNull() : True if the current expression is NOT null. isNull() :¬†True if the current expression is null. With…

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PySpark – groupby with aggregation (count, sum, mean, min, max)

pyspark.sql.DataFrame.groupBy PySpark groupby functions groups the DataFrame using the specified columns to run aggregation ( count,sum,mean, min, max) on them….

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PySpark filter : How to filter data in Pyspark – Multiple options explained.

pyspark.sql.DataFrame.filter PySpark filter function is used to filter the data in a Spark Data Frame, in short used to cleansing…

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Amazon CloudFront quick reference and cheat sheet

1. CloudFront gives developers an easy and cost-effective way to distribute content with low latency and high data transfer speeds….

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Amazon Aurora quick reference and cheat sheet.

1. Aurora is an AWS proprietary database. 2. Aurora is a fully managed service. 3. Aurora have High performance and…