Aptitude – Height and Distance

Aptitude @ Freshers.in Height and Distance

(26) An aircraft flying at an altitude of 12,000 meters spots a landmark on the ground at an angle of depression of 15 degrees. How far is the aircraft from the landmark?

  • (a) 48,000 meters
  • (b) 12,000 meters
  • (c) 46,619 meters
  • (d) 60,000 meters

(27) A person on the ground observes a kite flying at an angle of elevation of 60 degrees. If the person is 100 meters away from the point vertically below the kite, what is the height of the kite above the ground?

  • (a) 50 meters
  • (b) 86.6 meters
  • (c) 86.6 meters
  • (d) 100 meters

(28) A mountain climber is standing at the top of a mountain, which has an elevation of 3,000 meters above sea level. If the climber spots a rescue helicopter at an angle of elevation of 20 degrees, how high is the helicopter above sea level?

  • (a) 600 meters
  • (b) 1,048 meters
  • (c) 1,500 meters
  • (d) 2,500 meters

(29) A telescope is positioned on top of a tower that is 15 meters high. If the telescope can spot a star at an angle of elevation of 30 degrees, how far away is the star from the base of the tower?

  • (a) 5 meters
  • (b) 30 meters
  • (c) 7.5 meters
  • (d) 20 meters

(30) A ship is 150 meters away from a lighthouse. If the angle of elevation from the ship to the top of the lighthouse is 20 degrees, what is the height of the lighthouse?

  • (a) 50 meters
  • (b) 52.23 meters
  • (c) 60 meters
  • (d) 70 meters

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