Informatica interview questions

41. How can we capture the mapping stats like mapping name ,Source rows etc ?
Go to the mapping stat under Admin Console > Monitor > Execution Statistics > DIS name > Ad Hoc Jobs/Specific application.

42. How to combine two tables with Informatica ?
You can use joiner Transformation to do this. It has two groups – Master and Detail. Ideally, you should connect the table with lesser data to the Master and the table with additional data should be connected to Detail section.

43. What is Shared Cache ?
We can share the lookup cache between multiple transformations. We can share an unnamed cache between transformations in the same mapping. We can share a named cache between transformations in the same or different mappings.

44. What is a reusable transformation ?
Mapplet consists of set of transformations that is reusable.A reusable transformation is a single transformation that can be reusable. Mapplets are re-usable components and is a set of transformation / Business logic which can be reused across various mappings.For example: Lookup on Time dimension and implementing Time Zone conversions.

45. How we create a mapping variable in informatica ?
Go to mappings –> Parameters and Variables -> Select variable type in drop down.
Select IsExprVar True: Only when you have kept some business rule written in expression string which changes frequently , Server will expand(replace) its value before every expression parsing.
Select aggregation type: Select as appropriate, You may need to select MAX in case you want to capture the maximum date in a given dates.

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