Informatica interview questions

36. Explain the different mapping design tips for Informatica ?
Standards – The design should be of a good standard.
Reusability – Using reusable transformation is the best way to react to the potential changes as quickly as possible.
Scalability – It is important to scale while designing.
Simplicity – It is always better to create different mappings instead of creating one complex mapping.

37. What is cached lookup ?
Informatica queries the database, brings the whole set of rows to the Informatica server and stores in a cache file. When this lookup is called next time, Informatica uses the file cached. As a result, Informatica saves the time and the resources to hit the database again.

38. How to load alternate records into different tables through mapping flow ?
Add a sequence number to the records and then divide the record number by 2. If it is divisible, then move it to one target and if not then move it to other target.

39. What is a repository server ?
PowerCenter repository is a relational database like Oracle, Sybase, SQL server and it is managed by repository service. It consists of database tables that store metadata. There are three Informatica Client tools available in Informatica Powercenter.

40. What is Sorter transformation ?
Sorter transformation in Informatica is used to sort the data in an ascending or descending order based on single or multiple keys. This is the type an active transformation which sorts the data either in ascending order or descending order. The port which is participated in sor operation is defined as “key”.
Sorter Transformation in informatica allows to sort data either in ascending or descending order according to a specified field. It changes the order of rows. We can also specify whether the output rows should be distinct or not. Hence with distinct properties enabled, it will change the no of rows. With all above reason,Sorter transformation is active transformation.

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