Informatica interview questions

31. How do I use normalizer transformation ?
In the Mapping Designer, open a Mapping.
Click Transformation > Create. Select Normalizer transformation.
You can also select Transformation by clicking function button on Informatica Designer
Enter a name and click Done.
You can create ports in Normalizer transformation by selecting and dragging it from input transformation to Normalizer transformation.You can manually create input ports on the Normalizer Ports tab by double clicking on it. Normalizer Transformation step 5
Click the Transformation tab and configure transformation properties.
Click OK.
Connect output ports of Normalizer Transformation to other transformation or target

32. What is an Autosys ?
As Autosys is scheduling tool , it will trigger command at specified time mentioned in the Job, the important part here is , we also mention the machine name where we want to execute that particular command. Autosys and Informatica can be on different servers , provided Autosys agent is configured on Informatica server and the Informatica machine/server details are configured in Autosys.(its like creating a machine on Autosys similar to creating Global variable or a Job.

33. What is a Router transformation ?
A Router transformation is similar to a Filter transformation because both transformations allow you to use a condition to test data. A Filter transformation tests data for one condition and drops the rows of data that do not meet the condition. However, a Router transformation tests data for one or more conditions and gives you the option to route rows of data that do not meet any of the conditions to a default output group.

34. What is a data mart in data warehousing ?
A data mart is a structure or access pattern specific to data warehouse environments, used to retrieve client-facing data. The data mart is a subset of the data warehouse and is usually oriented to a specific business line or team.

35. How to increase the performance in joiner transformation ?
Perform joins in a database when ever possible.
Join sorted data when possible.
Designate the source with fewer rows as the master source.

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