Informatica interview questions

11. Lists the client components in Informatica ?
Designer – Development of ETL mappings.
Workflow Manager – Create and start workflows.
Workflow Monitor – Monitors workflows
Repository Manager – This tool is used to manage source/targets connections, folders, objects, users, etc.

12. What is Union Transformation ?
The Union Transformation in Informatica is used to combine data from multiple sources (excel files, flat file etc) or multiple SQL tables and produce one output to store in the target table. This transformation is an active transformation and it is similar to the SQL Union All.

13. How does joiner differ from and Lookup transformation ?
Lookup we can override the query but in joiner we cannot.
Lookup we can provide different types of operators like – “>,<,>=,<=,!=” but, in joiner only “= “ .
Lookup we can restrict the number of rows while reading the relational table using lookup override but, in joiner we cannot restrict the number of rows.

14. How do you remove Duplicate records in Informatica?
If the source is DBMS, you can use the property in Source Qualifier to select the distinct records Or you can also use the SQL Override with SQL Distict query.

15. What is Source Qualifier Transformation ?
The source qualifier transformation is an active,connected transformation used to represent the rows that the integrations service reads when it runs a session. You need to connect the source qualifier transformation to the relational or flat file definition in a mapping. It filters rows while reading the data from a source.It can filter rows only from relational sources.It limits the row sets extracted from a source. It enhances performance by minimizing the number of rows used in mapping. In this, filter condition uses the standard SQL to execute in the database.

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