Informatica interview questions

6. Explain Expression Transformation ?
Expression Transformation in Informatica. Expression transformations are used for row-wise manipulation. For any manipulation, you wish to perform on an individual record, use an Expression transformation. The Expression transformation accepts the row-wise data, manipulates it, and passes it to the target.

7. Explain benefits of a partitioned session?
A session is partitioned in order to increase and improve the efficiency and the operation of the server. It includes the solo implementation sequences in the session.

8. How to check obfuscation process status on Informatica ?
Check session log in server in \server\infa_shared\SessLogs. Session logs will be saved in the server with time-stamp. To read the content of the log you can either open it through the workflow monitor, right-click on the session and select “Get session log”.

9. What are the different lookup caches ?
1. Static Cache
2. Dynamic Cache
3. Persistent Cache
4. Shared Cache
5. Reached

10. What is Active Transformation :
An Active transformation can change the number of rows that pass through it from source to target. It eliminates rows that do not meet the condition in transformation. Active transformations are
Source Qualifier Transformation
Aggregator Transformation
Filter Transformation
Rank Transformation

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