Informatica interview questions

46. What is hash partitioning ?
With hash partitioning, you spread your rows uniformly, seemingly randomly over the partitions. The advantage you expect here is that every single query will be decomposed into parallel queries on all the partitions with smaller data volume for each; the results will then of course have to be centrally combined, though.

47. Do we need to have both Informatica and Autosys server installed on the same server?
No. It should be separated. But the connectivity should be established.

48. How exactly Autosys kick-off workflow wf_test at the specified schedule ?
Autosys is a scheduling tool. An autosys job keep checking every 5 seconds, if any job is scheduled to run, based on the jil. When the time comes and the condition satisfied, it will run the given command on the given host. It could be a pmcmd command or any shell script.

49. What is Update Strategy Transformation ?
The Update Strategy Transformation in Informatica is an Active and Connected transformation. It is useful to update, insert, or delete the records in a target based on source table data. And the beauty of this transformation is: you can restrict the records from not reaching into the target table.

50. What are the standard datatypes of Informatica ?
Different transformations support different datatypes.
small integer

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