AWS S3 interview questions

41) What is AWS s3fs.
It is a FUSE filesystem. Amazon web services simple storage service supports it. It can be operated with two different methods
1.Command method-
In this type of mode, s3fs is eligible for managing Amazon s3 buckets in several efficient methods.
2. Mount method-
It is used to mount the Amazon s3 bucket as a local file system.

42) Can I have a bucket that has different objects in different storage classes and Availability Zones?
Yes, you can have a bucket that has different objects stored in S3 Standard, S3 Standard-IA and S3 One Zone-IA.

43) What is Amazon S3 on Outposts?
Amazon S3 on Outposts delivers object storage in your on-premises environment, using the S3 APIs and capabilities that you use in AWS today. AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, AWS ser-vices, APIs, and tools to virtually any datacenter, co-location space, or on-premises facility.

44) Can I use Amazon Glacier direct APIs to access objects that I’ve archived to Amazon S3 Glacier?
No. Because Amazon S3 maintains the mapping between your user-defined object name and Amazon S3 Glacier’s system-defined identifier, Amazon S3 objects that are stored using the S3 Glacier storage class are only accessible through the Amazon S3 APIs or the Amazon S3 Management Console.

45) How long will it take to restore my objects archived in S3 Glacier and can I upgrade an in-progress request to a faster restore speed?
When processing a retrieval job, Amazon S3 first retrieves the requested data from S3 Glacier, and then creates a temporary copy of the requested data in S3 (which typically takes a few minutes). The access time of your request depends on the retrieval option you choose: Expedited, Standard, or Bulk retrievals. For all but the largest objects (250MB+), data accessed using Expedited retrievals are typically made available within 1-5 minutes. Objects retrieved using Standard retrievals typically complete between 3-5 hours. Bulk retrievals typically complete within 5-12 hours.

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