AWS S3 interview questions

16) Should I expect a change in Amazon S3 performance when using IPv6?
No, you will see the same performance when using either IPv4 or IPv6 with Amazon S3.

17) Can I use IPv6 with all Amazon S3 features?
No, IPv6 support is not currently available when using Website Hosting and access via BitTorrent. All other features should work as expected when accessing Amazon S3 using IPv6.

18) What are Amazon S3 Event Notifications?
Amazon S3 event notifications can be sent in response to actions in Amazon S3 like PUTs, POSTs, COPYs, or DELETEs.

19) What can I do with Amazon S3 event notifications?
Amazon S3 event notifications enable you to run workflows, send alerts, or perform other actions in response to changes in your objects stored in S3. You can use S3 event notifications to set up triggers to perform actions including transcoding media files when they are uploaded, processing data files when they become available, and synchronizing S3 objects with other data stores.

20) What is S3 Transfer Acceleration?
Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration enables fast, easy, and secure transfers of files over long distances between your client and your Amazon S3 bucket. S3 Transfer Acceleration leverages Amazon CloudFront’s globally distributed AWS Edge Locations.

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