AWS S3 interview questions

11) What is a Provisioned Capacity Unit (PCU)?
Provisioned Capacity guarantees that your retrieval capacity for Expedited retrievals will be available when you need it. Each unit of capacity ensures that at least 3 expedited retrievals can be performed every 5 minutes and provides up to 150MB/s of retrieval throughput. Retrieval capacity can be provisioned if you have specific Expedited retrieval rate requirements that need to be met.

12) Can I have a bucket that has different objects in different storage classes?
Yes, you can have a bucket that has different objects stored in S3 Standard, S3 Intelligent-Tiering, S3 Standard-IA, and S3 One Zone-IA.

13) What is the consistency model for Amazon S3?
Amazon S3 delivers strong read-after-write consistency automatically, without changes to performance or availability, without sacrificing regional isolation for applications, and at no additional cost.

14) Why does strong read-after-write consistency ?
Strong read-after-write consistency helps when we need to immediately read an object after a write. For example, strong read-after-write consistency when you often read and list immediately after writing objects. High-performance computing workloads also benefit in that when an object is overwritten and then read many times simultaneously, strong read-after-write consistency provides assurance that the latest write is read across all reads.

15) In which parts of the world is Amazon S3 available?
Amazon S3 is available in AWS Regions worldwide, and you can use Amazon S3 regardless of your location. You just have to decide which AWS Region(s) you want to store your Amazon S3 data.

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