Amazon API Gateway interview questions

16. How do I get started with WebSocket APIs in Amazon API Gateway?
To get started, you can create a WebSocket API using the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or AWS SDKs. You can then set WebSocket routing to indicate the backend services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, or your HTTP endpoint to be invoked based on the message content.

17. Can I create HTTPS endpoints in Amazon API Gateway?
Yes, all of the APIs created with Amazon API Gateway expose HTTPS endpoints only. Amazon API Gateway does not support unencrypted (HTTP) endpoints. By default, Amazon API Gateway assigns an internal domain to the API that automatically uses the Amazon API Gateway certificate.

18. What data types can I use with Amazon API Gateway ?
APIs built on Amazon API Gateway can accept any payloads sent over HTTPS for HTTP APIs, REST APIs, and WebSocket APIs. Typical data formats include JSON, XML, query string parameters, and request headers.

19. For which client platforms can Amazon API Gateway generate SDKs?
API Gateway generates custom SDKs for mobile app development with Android and iOS (Swift and Objective-C), and for web app development with JavaScript.

20. What is a resource in Amazon API Gateway?
A resource is a typed object that is part of your API’s domain. Each resource may have associated a data model, relationships to other resources, and can respond to different methods.You can also define resources as variables to intercept requests to multiple child resources.

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